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Our data can increase your average sales price by capitalizing on opportunities across territories, verticals, and markets.

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Your sales team will be talking to companies who truly have a need for your product, based on their cloud usage and spend data. The result: more opportunities.

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There’s complexity to closing every deal - but we can promise our data brings you to the negotiation table more often than before.

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Revenue Acceleration Powered by Intricately

By partnering with Intricately, go-to-market teams can optimize their entire marketing and sales lead flow and drive significant gains in revenue.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our sales process would be impossible without Intricately’s enterprise Salesforce integration. It lets us access data we couldn’t get anywhere else, and allows our reps to spend more time talking to right prospects that become our best customers. With Intricately, we were able to increase our ACV by 15% and save every sales rep 1.5 hours every single day.”
Global Head of Sales Operations
Verizon Digital Media Services
“We use Intricately’s data to help answer some of our biggest questions around analyzing and entering markets to gain a competitive advantage. With Intricately we were able to identify the best location to build a new data center to improve our customer’s experience based on their location.”
Digital Analytics and Planning
“Our sales team is able to prospect more efficiently by having access to insights like a company’s entire technology stack and how much they’re actually using and spending on cloud products. This allows us to have more informed conversations with everyone we talk to and gain a competitive edge.”
VP of Sales
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