Define Your Total Addressable Market

Our data powers your account-based marketing efforts by helping you identify, tier and score target accounts based on usage and spend potential.


Optimize Your Ideal Customer Profile

Forget basic firmographic and technographic data.

Identify who needs your products based on their usage, adoption and spend on digital infrastructure.

Intricately collects the data that makes it easy to target your ideal customers, like

Spend, adoption and usage of specific digital infrastructure.
Expansion, growth and end-customer demand
Use cases, architecture and deployment data

Identify Your Real Ideal Customer Profile

ideal customer profile

Create Your Ultimate List of Target Accounts

Creating a list of target accounts is the most important part of any account-based marketing program.

Be confident you’re targeting the right prospects by examining

Spend on a specific product, category or use case
Product type, segment, region or vertical
Deployment location, type and more

Create Your List of Target Accounts

list of accounts

Score and Prioritize Your Target Accounts

It’s not just about having a list of thousands of companies that might need your product – it’s about prioritizing the best revenue opportunities.

Our data lets you sort your accounts based on their

Potential to spend on your services
Existing use case for your product
Cloud infrastructure maturity

Tier Your Target Accounts

prioritize accounts

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