An HG Insights Alternative with Cloud Spend Data

Our sensor network goes deeper and pulls more accurate data than traditional firmographics so your sales team can close more deals using cloud spend, product usage, and historical data.
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An Intricately vs. HG Insights Comparison

Intricately can directly enrich your CRM with our cloud spend and product data. Enterprise customers can leverage our Salesforce Connector integration to automatically add Intricately data to their leads and accounts.

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Data Collection Method

Our sensor network detects cloud consumption across 20M businesses and 27K cloud products. We have visibility into the entire public cloud network by tracking apps, websites, and networks. We’re more accurate than companies who crawl written content like job posts, websites, and JavaScript.

Data Accuracy

Our data is always updating, and we know when new infrastructure is deployed. These insights make our data much more accurate than competitors. We win the side-by-side comparison.

Cloud Consumption & Cloud Spend

We can share data on cloud spend: find out what general budgets are and whether a company’s spending is increasing or decreasing over time.

Cloud Footprint

We see a company’s full footprint. Companies often have multiple domains and applications. For example, Nike operates 300+ domains and 1000s of applications. Our competitors don’t track this, which can lead to blind spots.

Historical Spend Insights

We have 8 years of cloud spend trends, so it’s easy to see who is growing. Use this information to target companies that are growing.

Historical Product Adoption

With 8 years of cloud product deployments, you get insight into competition renewal dates. Reach out when the timing’s right.

Get the Tools to Identify and Prioritize the Best Opportunities for Your Business

Don’t waste your time. Intricately focuses on mapping a company’s comprehensive footprint. You can get the full picture of the business before getting on a sales call.

Discover new high propensity prospects
Increase revenue from existing customers
Proactively address (and stop) churn
Close business faster
Build Smarter Sales Plans with Actionable Information

We make it easier to find the attributes that matter so your sales team can target the right accounts & close more deals.

Smart Lists
Build your target account list based on key insights into prospects’ tech stack, like competitor usage or renewal dates.

Enrich Imported Lists
Enhance your dataset by prioritizing leads or accounts based on the technology currently deployed.

Company Reports
Provide visibility into any organization’s cloud footprint and tech stack. Users can investigate spending by-product (or category), traffic distribution, domains, and more.
“Intricately offers a data set that most marketing and sales teams never knew existed”
We helped snowflake improve its customer profiles and get more specific targeting.
We accelerated the sales cycles and made outreach more effective.
Better data aligned sales and ABM strategy.

We’re Experts in What We Do. And We Make it Easy for You to be One, too.

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