June 4, 2018
7 minutes

Account Based Intelligence Explained

Account based intelligence (ABI) is data that measures a prospect’s behavior and activity in the market and provides context about propensity to buy in real time.

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June 4, 2018
8 minutes

How to Use Account Based Intelligence to Select Tier 1 ABM Accounts

Learn how to use account based intelligence to select accounts for ABM with a high likelihood to convert.

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Team Intricately
May 1, 2018
4 minutes

How Intricately Collects Data

Since 2013, Intricately has been building and refining our Global Sensor Network. The network includes thousands of physical deployments spread across 6 continents and 100+ countries. These sensors help us map the digital world.

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April 23, 2018
3 minutes

It's Time to Modernize Your Enrichment Strategy

Modern data like technographics and spend estimates are critical to an enrichment strategy if you sell cloud software. Without it, you are only evaluating half of the story when qualifying leads, which leads to time wasted by both your marketing and sales team.

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