An Intricately Guide for Sales Reps

Intricately for Sales Reps

Intricately helps sales teams and individual sales reps see deep data on their customers - data they can’t find anywhere else like spend, adoption, and engagement. Learn how you can use Intricately to see an immediate return on investment and build a winning process.

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With Intricately, you can

  1. Identify the strongest buying signals for better timing
  2. Increase your output from 1 to 5 reps
  3. Raise contract values by leveraging spend estimates
  4. Leverage automation to find opportunities you never thought of

Tips for sales reps to maximize Intricately:


Identify the strongest buying signals for better timing (propensity to buy)

Start looking at the data that really matters. Intricately shows you a company’s technology spend, category spend, and budget trends that signal when timing is right. 

Identify holes in companies’ technology stacks with List Enrichment. Sort and filter vendor detail to surface new pitch opportunities, such as companies that are either under leveraged with their current infrastructure clients in one area, or overspending on too many vendors in another.

Communicating with your prospects should be based on their needs. See any company’s entire technology profile and spending right in your browser. Talk directly to their pain and eliminate the fluff.


Increases your output from 1 to 5 reps

Rely on the Chrome extension to boost every stage of the pipeline. We’ll show you robust data right in your workflow - on a prospect’s webpage, on a Salesforce account, or Linkedin profile.

Start with bulk prospecting to exceed personal quotas and stand out. Take any list of prospects and enrich with new data that’s available up to the minute. Easily qualify accounts in minutes.

Monitor customer activity and keep your pipeline healthy by creating Watchlists for the companies you care about — like your vertical or key accounts — so you receive notifications whenever there is a significant event. It’s in the moment, so act quickly!


Raise contract values with metrics like Spend estimates

Replace the old “Company Revenue” with Intricately Spend - the ultimate signal for your future contract negotiations. 

Spend estimates are visible on every company report in the platform and in the chrome extension. Remember - the value isn’t in being exact, it’s in knowing the volume of spend relative to the company size. 

Filter spend numbers for every provider to access competitor intel.

Sort by category to see how companies are playing in your vertical.

Cross- compare spend intelligence to see when companies are making strategic and organizational changes that you can turn into contracts.


Leverage automation to find companies that you never thought of

Want to be the hero that lands net new leads and green field accounts? Intricately helps you hunt.

Researching and finding new opportunities can be tedious and time consuming. While other sales automation tools save you seconds with ancillary tasks (emails, etc), our Chrome extension and List enrichment maximize your ability to fill your pipeline - your core responsibility.

Enrich any old stale list with real-time data. Proceed to slice and dice and sort and filter columns and data to find hidden opportunities, net new leads, and qualify in minutes.

All of our data is updated daily and to the minute - simply hit refresh and you never know what could pop up in your feed.

How will cloud data change your marketing?

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