5 Ways the C-Suite Can Take Advantage of Intricately Data

The C-suite is now expected to use data to make informed decisions for their organizations.

But, despite the rapid acceleration of technology and increased dependence on data-driven strategy, many companies still have C-suites that neglect this information and make decisions through qualitative data, siloed behavioral data and, at worst, gut feelings.

What gives?

Short answer: old habits die hard. If you’re an executive, data is no longer reserved for the analytics department, but is something you must understand how to analyze and execute upon.

Thankfully, finding deep, actionable insights doesn’t have to be hard...especially with Intricately’s cloud spend data.

Intricately’s data ensures that the most impactful decisions coming from the C-suite are data-driven ones. Using Intricately data to lead your company puts you ahead of the pack. It can define the success of your company in the coming years by granting insider access to information about how companies and competitors are spending on and utilizing the cloud.

C-suite executives from the world’s leading companies are already using our data to gain a deeper understanding of the competitor landscape, identify new market opportunities and lead their companies to success.

With the cloud market increasing in value and creating a new frontier ripe with opportunity, these are the most valuable ways leaders like you can use our data.

Identify market opportunities

As a revenue-side executive, your job is to ensure the continued growth and health of your company. With the cloud changing and growing so quickly, knowing how different markets are spending and utilizing the cloud can give you the competitive edge.

Our network of global sensors is tracking the technology powering every digital application and platform. We work with you to understand the questions you’re trying to answer when entering new markets, like

  • How fast is China adopting AWS and other cloud technologies?
  • What percentage of Nike’s web traffic comes from LatAm?
  • How much has the LatAm CDN adoption grown over the last 18 months?

And so much more.

Whatever market you’re looking to enter, talk with us about gleaning insights you never knew you could.

Understand market trends

Cloud software and technology is now the fastest-growing segment of the NASDAQ by market cap.

How do top executives keep up with the rapidly growing market?

We’re the first data provider that can give you insider access to learn how your industry and target industries are utilizing the cloud.

With our data, you can answer questions about market trends like

  • Are your industry peers investing in certain technology infrastructures?
  • How fast is the market for your technology growing based on real spend insights?
  • What is the estimated spend for CDN technology next year?

Our data, paired with our expert analysis, allows you to research marketing trends through competitor and customer data. You can easily see what percentage of a market’s profits are received from a certain region, track traffic growth by region and find out whether an opportunity is cropping up in new territory before your competitors see it.

This allows you to make bold moves based on how real customers are using and spending on the cloud. This is quantitative data, not the qualitative self-reported data you’re used to relying on for your market trend reports.

Predict your competitor’s next move

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

With Intricately data, you can monitor your competitors’ spending, investments, data deployments and locations so you can easily predict their next move -- whether that’s a new office opening, an expansion in a certain territory or even the expiration of their customers’ contracts.

Beyond just knowing your competitor’s next move, you can gain insights such as when their customers’ contracts are expiring so you can jump in and win them over.

The art of war is all about tackling your enemy in the ways they least expect it. Take advantage of Intricately’s data before they do.

Target the best revenue opportunities

With this much data available to you, it’s much easier to target the most effective revenue opportunities by real revenue potential based on how much your prospects are already spending.

This totally flips traditional marketing on its head, allowing you to focus solely on the best revenue opportunities, whether you choose to launch an official account-based marketing program or execute smarter inbound or lead generation.

Marketing and sales are no longer about qualifying the leads that come to your site. They’re about proactively disqualifying accounts and attracting the right opportunities through value-driven content.
Intricately’s data gives your team the confidence they need to create the ultimate list of target accounts.

Understand the future of the cloud

The cloud is growing faster than anyone could have anticipated. Intricately’s data allows you to more accurately track the expansion of the cloud and identify opportunities to expand along with it.

As an executive, you need to be able to see where things are headed. Our data, layered with our expert analysis, can answer your biggest questions about the future of buying and selling on the cloud, which technologies are performing and how tech stacks are transforming.

Answer your biggest cloud questions, like

  • Are companies adopting AWS Outposts?
  • What area (industry, location, etc.) is Google Cloud looking to expand into next?
  • How much has cloud spending increased over the last 12 months?

If you’re developing thought leadership content or have an undying urge to understand the cloud in a totally new way, our data will get you excited beyond belief.

The future of your company is in the data

If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to think you’re a different kind of executive – one who is ready to pounce on the future by having data to execute today.

Whether you’re looking to develop more analytical thought leadership, run market analysis based on quantitative spend data or power your sales and marketing teams with a list of the best revenue opportunities, Intricately’s data gives cloud executives like you insights you never knew existed.

Let’s see how our data can power your biggest cloud goals.

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