Cloud Footprints: The Future of Business Data


According to a 2017 report on the State of Cloud Adoption:

In 15 months, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions.

So the question has become: Why are we still evaluating a business's physical size when determining their likelihood to buy our products?

We're used to seeing data points like 0-100 employees, or $50M in Revenue, but we've never had a data point that quantifies a business's digital presence, which is why we're excited about cloud footprints.

We view cloud footprints as the future of how a business's size is measured.

A quick definition for you:

A cloud footprint consists of all the digital assets, applications, traffic, and networks that represent a given business.

To make it easy for you to apply this intelligence, we created Spend Estimates. Our spend estimates quantify the cloud footprint.

If the spend is high, they have a significant cloud footprint.

How can I use this information?

1. It must be a critical component of your lead qualification requirements.

If you sell a digital good or service like SaaS software, hosting, or CDN, the demand for your product is dictated by your customer's customer demand, and not the # of employees.

Utilizing the cloud footprint intelligence will allow you to spot the diamonds in the rough, and ensure you never miss a lead in any stage of your funnel.

2. Compare past closed deals to the size of their cloud footprint.

I guarantee you will see a correlation is contract value that is much stronger than their # of employees.

The future of business data

While software is advancing at a rapid rate, the data that we input has consistently been behind. It's time we recognize and fix that by looking for modern datasets like we've presented here.

We believe IT spend estimates, and cloud footprints are the future of business data.

If you'd like to learn more about we collect our data, here is an article we recently published.

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