Spotlight: Golden Opportunity for CloudCheckr to Capitalize on 2019 Cloud Security Concerns

Millions of enterprise customers around the globe are turning to the cloud to scale and grow their businesses. As time goes on, these customers stretch themselves across multiple cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, but they lack the tools they need to get quick, reliable insights into their collective cloud investments. 

Important business decisions need to be made, but these customers lack the data to guide them in the right direction. How much money are we currently consuming on our cloud spend? Which services are costing us the most? Will we be able to continue scaling at this rate? Sure, entry-level tools like AWS Trusted Advisor, Cost Explorer, and Microsoft Azure Advisor provide some helpful numbers, but you’ll need to jump from console to console and compile the data on your own somewhere else. It’s a lot more work, and it still doesn’t give you the complete picture you need.

With CloudCheckr, there’s a better way. CloudCheckr provides one dashboard for your whole cloud management. This tool lets you quickly optimize spend, cut costs, and boost security and compliance across your cloud journey. You save time, money, and a handful of headaches. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Right now, CloudCheckr is crushing the cloud management platform (CMP) space with remarkable customers like Salesforce, Intel, NASA, Siemens, Adobe, and more. And with the cloud services market projected to grow 17.5% in 2019 alone, the market potential is looking up, up, up for the company. “How high will it go?” you ask. Good question. Our Intricately platform has mined some pretty staggering numbers—here’s the quick and easy on how Intricately works, then we’ll deep dive into the data to uncover some compelling market opportunities.

The Who, What, Where, and How of Intricately

Intricately is based in San Francisco and focused on building a complete map of how companies around the globe are adopting and using the digital infrastructure. After 5 years of developing our global sensor network, we’re gathering real-time data on how more than 7 million businesses are using over 21 thousand different cloud products. It’s exhilarating stuff!

These insights power the go-to-market strategy for leading cloud service providers. With data-backed forecasts of market potential and competitor analysis, companies are using Intricately to empower their sales and marketing teams, plan and prioritize territories and quotas, and engage prospects at the right time with the right message.

In this report, you’ll see the kind of unfair advantage you could be utilizing with Intricately to power your go-to-market strategies. Take a peek. 

Cloud Spend Goes Up — CloudCheckr Market Potential Goes Up 

With worldwide public cloud revenue projected to grow by 17.5% in 2019, CloudCheckr is in a prime position to capitalize on a tech phenomenon. According to 451, already 90% of companies are on the cloud, and experts predict 60% of workloads will be running on a hosted cloud service in 2019 (compared to 45% in 2018). More companies using more services in the cloud means more opportunity for CloudCheckr to market their One Dashboard Cloud Management. But first—where is the low hanging fruit?

Take a look at the two graphs above. What do you notice? They follow a pretty similar pattern, don’t they? That’s because the size of a business appears to directly correlate with the amount of money they’ll be spending on their cloud services. 

CloudCheckr’s position in the market is interesting. As cloud spend goes up, CloudCheckr’s market potential rises accordingly. However, CloudCheckr’s platform is designed to help businesses understand and optimize their cloud spend, effectively reducing digital expenses. So, as more businesses take advantage of the cloud and come to rely upon CloudCheckr to streamline their digital infrastructure, their cloud spend should scale smoothly.

CloudCheckr can use this data to create a convincing unique selling point for their product. Instead of following the traditional trajectory of the first two graphs, CloudCheckr should market their solution as a way for businesses to scale without having to dramatically increase their cloud spend. With CloudCheckr, a business doesn’t have to 10x its cloud spend to 10x its revenue.

Customers Are Increasing Spend on Security

Where is the cloud spend happening? Security and compliance issues of cloud services worry more than 60% of enterprises. That’s why, according to Gartner cyber-security experts, IT security spending is the highest priority for 2019. With this knowledge, CloudCheckr can adjust their marketing and sales pitches accordingly.

Even on CloudCheckr’s website, cost and expense management is the first selling point its providing to visitors. Yet, money doesn’t seem to be the biggest issue—it’s security and compliance, which is usually CloudCheckr’s second selling point. In 2019, CloudCheckr could adjust their message to capitalize on the world’s privacy concerns.

Across industries, Intricately found that information services have the highest adoption of cloud services. These kinds of businesses’ services are built on privacy and sensitive information. By marketing CloudCheckr’s ability to identify security weaknesses and active monitoring, the company can heavily influence the digital infrastructure buyers to use CloudCheckr to mitigate their primary concerns.


With cloud spend and adoption forecasted to dramatically grow over the next few years, CloudCheckr is primed to capitalize on the market. And with data privacy and security issues a top concern for the entire world, CloudCheckr’s solution can add tremendous value and peace of mind to scaling companies and enterprises alike.

Want to see what our data can do for your organization? Our Enterprise Platform helps leaders across cloud marketing and sales organizations forecast, prioritize, and close opportunities faster! Click here to schedule a demo! In the meantime, try our free web app and discover how a little data can make a big difference for your business.  

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