Spotlight: Databricks & the Big Data Analytics Market

The Era of Big Data has made collecting and storing thousands of terabytes of data simple and easy. But intentionally extracting that data from the cloudy depths of data lakes to put it to good use? Not so simple.

That’s where Databricks comes in.

What is Databricks?

Databricks provides an analytics platform that allows companies to store their data in the cloud and helps data scientists employ AI to analyze their enormous data lakes. Databricks’ Unified Analytics Platform makes data science teams, engineers and marketers best friends by giving them a common platform – like sailing on a team yacht above the now clear, pristine lake. This helps businesses achieve faster time-to-value by creating analytic workflows that dramatically accelerate time from ETL to production. 

This fast-growing San Francisco-based company has hired over 500 employees in its short six years of life. With big-time customers like Oracle, Google and Microsoft, the company clearly owns a large market share.

What’s going on under the hood of Databricks that makes it a shoo-in for enterprises around the world? To satisfy our curiosity and learn more about Databricks’ cloud spend and customers, we took a peek into data collected from our proprietary sensor network, which monitors cloud spend and adoption of cloud products and businesses around the globe. Here’s what we found.


The data in this report has been collected via Intricately’s proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in 150 points of presence (PoP) spread across six continents and 100+ countries. Intricately monitors public-facing data flowing across these PoPs, and currently monitors traffic data from 21,000 unique cloud products at ~7 million companies worldwide. For more information about Intricately’s Global Sensor Network and data collection, please see this Medium article.

This unique solution allows Intricately to provide a comprehensive view based on analyzing over 140 data points to reveal how organizations deploy, utilize, and invest in their cloud products, applications, and data delivery infrastructure. This real-time data-driven market intelligence intro cloud and SaaS ecosystems allows Intricately’s customers to identify and target market opportunities.

Databricks boasts an impressive global enterprise customer base

Earlier this year, Databricks reported having close to 2,000 customers. With Intricately, we were able to uncover powerful insights about nearly half of this customer base.


Of the 749 Databricks customers Intricately identified, close to two-thirds are based in North America, and the second largest region – EMEA – makes up close to a third as well.


Databricks’ top customers include Google, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and Tencent. Enterprise businesses make up the company’s largest customer base, but it looks like other solutions may be snatching up more of the start-up market share. To see how Databricks measured up against the competition, we took a look at G2Crowd’s competitive analysis to compare the company with Cloudera (an enterprise data cloud).


Cloudera’s customer base is made up mostly of start-ups and SMBs, with mid-market and enterprise businesses falling into the minority. When it comes to enterprise solutions, Databricks takes the cake. 

Databricks has even more to offer its customers

Most of Databricks’ customers are spending more than $100,000/mo on the analytics platform, with the less-than-$1,000 customers representing the smallest group. Naturally, enterprise businesses have deeper data lakes to be processed and analyzed, driving up the incremental spend.

Our data shows that 186 of Databricks’ existing customers could benefit, and afford, to increase their monthly spend to more than $100,000/mo. This is an incredible upsell revenue opportunity for Databricks to win.

Databricks’ customers benefit from its versatility

We dove a bit deeper into our monitoring tools for information about how Databricks’ customers are using the platform to collect, store and analyze data, and we came away with quite a few interesting insights.

databricks unique stats

Where We Sourced This Data

This data has been collected by Intricately’s proprietary sensor network, which monitors 8 million businesses’ usage of and spend on 21,000 cloud-based products and services around the globe.

Using its proprietary Global Sensor Network, deployed in more than 150 points of presence (PoPs), Intricately offers a comprehensive view into how organizations deploy, utilize, and invest in their digital products, applications, and infrastructure. 

Our data platform currently powers the go-to-market strategy for the world’s leading cloud service providers, including Verizon, Snowflake and Amazon Web Services. These organizations rely on us to review market potential, segment, prioritize and engage with prospects at the right time.

About Intricately

Intricately gives cloud sales and marketing teams an unfair advantage in finding and acquiring new customers, building advanced scoring models, getting proactive notification of sales cycles, spotting churn before it happens, and more. 

Our sophisticated data platform provides a detailed picture of your prospects’ cloud products and technology contracts so you can target your ideal buyers when they’re ready to purchase. We show you the true spending potential of your target customers.

Our Enterprise Data Platform helps the leaders in cloud forecast, prioritize, and close new business. Contact us for a demo today!

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