Thank You for an Amazing 2016

To celebrate what you helped us achieve this year, we put together an Intricately year in review:

  • The team grew from 2–8
  • Raised $2M in Seed Funding (Thank you Bloomberg BetaSusa Ventures, and Singtel Innov8)
  • Changed our name from Cloudrupt to Intricately!
  • Grew from 250 users to over 3,000
  • 60% of our users use our product every day
  • Delivered 400,000+ company reports
  • Analyzed more than 1 billion digital properties (that includes domains, hostnames, and just about anything else connected to the Internet)
  • Captured 0ver 800 million events

Product we built in 2016:


In December of 2016, we officially launched our subscription product. A big step up from our unlimited (and free) plan. All of this is a big step forward, and will enable us to continue to deliver really awesome new products :).

Salesforce Integration

We know you’ve got lots of prospects, and it’s a pain to switch between Salesforce and Intricately, so we’ve made Intricately data available inside of Salesforce, right next to your prospect details. Not only can you get all that Intricately intel without leaving Salesforce, but in addition Ops can build reports or setup lead routing based on real-time Intricately intelligence.

List Enrichment

Simply paste any list of domains (or email addresses) into the platform, and we’ll deliver a spreadsheet with spend details, providers, traffic, and much more. It’s perfect for sorting and prioritizing by spend.

Smart Search

Smart Search lets you create custom lists of companies based Intricately data, like a specific provider, spend, location, and company size (just to name a few). It’s a game changer for prospecting, qualifying, or getting the data you need to create total addressable market calculation (don’t act like you’re not excited by that last one, Ops!)

New Chrome Extension

We’ve been hard at work on a re-designed Chrome Extension that delivers a massive leap in performance, a new and improved design, and a few other tricks that we’re know you’re gonna love.

Help Center

We’re regularly publishing best practices and tutorial content to our new Help Center:

We Started Blogging!

Check out a few of our recent posts:

  1. How to Knock Out Your Competition
  2. 4 Questions with the Intricately Founders

What we’re working on…


We’re making it easy to follow the companies (and competitors) that matter, get updates when things change, and more. No more sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, we’ll call you!

Want to an alert when a key account removes a competitor? What about when a prospect hits a new spend level? Or when a competitor begins a trial with one of your prospects. We’ll be ready with an update on those and more!

Data Center Intelligence

Our mission has always been to provide x-ray goggles to sellers so you can see through the murky cloud ecosystem. We’ve been hard at work to map all the whirring machines in data centers to bits whizzing across the Internet. Trust us, this matrix-like level of information is going to give your team an edge in understanding prospects, their deployed solutions, and whole lot more. Sit tight, we’ve got big things coming on this front.

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