5 Ways Marketing Teams Utilize Intricately’s Data

While you may have used our free sales tool, that’s just the start of our powerful spend intelligence data, which marketing teams at the biggest cloud companies like Amazon Web Services, Ericsson and ChinaCache use to answer some of their biggest questions.

We love working with marketing teams to understand the different types of questions they have and explore how access to exact information about companies’ consumption on the cloud can uncover insights they never knew existed.

Here are just a few of the problems we can help your marketing organization solve, especially if you sell digital products to high-tech buyers.

1. Sharpen your ideal customer profile

While you may have based your ideal customer profile on firmographic, technographic and even behavioral data, our spend intelligence data lets sales and marketing teams go one layer deeper by understanding how real companies are using and spending on the cloud.

We work with teams to analyze their current customers against the 5 million companies in our database to bring forward insights they never knew existed, like

  • The companies spending > $50k/mo on Content Delivery (CDN) Services
  • The companies running on legacy infrastructure and investing in Containerization
  • The companies with security deployments that will hit their annual renewal date within the next 90 days

2. Create a list of target accounts

If you’ve been reading our content lately, you might have noticed our slight obsession with convincing all marketing and sales teams who sell high-value, niche products to switch to an account-based marketing philosophy.

As we all know, account-based marketing starts with a high-quality list of target accounts. Companies are often intimidated when creating and tiering their lists of accounts because they aren’t confident that these are truly the best possible accounts to target.

Our data eliminates those fears for cloud marketers by giving you the insights you need to understand the real revenue opportunity and need for every account.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk.

3. Assist with your market analysis

We’re also big believers that a market analysis shouldn’t be a one-time thing you only create when you’re fundraising or pitching a new product to management. Because industries, verticals and marketing in general are evolving so rapidly, it’s crucial for marketing teams to conduct a market analysis routinely to discover new revenue opportunities and predict downfalls before they happen.

Our spend intelligence can help you conduct a market analysis by helping you answer the following questions:

  1. Who are my potential customers/users/clients/buyers?
  2. What are their buying habits?
  3. How many of them are there?
  4. How much will they pay?
  5. Who is my competition?
  6. What could prohibit or hinder me from launching?

4. Contribute deep competitive intelligence

Before Intricately, companies conducted competitive intelligence by analyzing competitors’ social media profiles, website changes, job postings and other basic data. They may have even bought an expensive subscription to Gartner, Forrester or CBInsights to help them get deeper insights into the overall competitive landscape.

But those companies still can’t answer the questions Intricately’s data can. Companies like Fastly and Equinix use Intricately to gain deeper insights into competitors and the overall landscape by answering questions like

  • What SaaS platforms have your competitors recently deployed?
  • What new markets are they targeting lately?
  • Who is on your competitors’ list of customers?

Here’s our in-depth guide to the new landscape of competitive intelligence so you don’t fall behind like the hotel industry did with Airbnb and taxis did with Uber.

5. Qualify inbound leads

It shouldn’t be a surprise when someone fills out a form if you’re executing an account-based marketing strategy. But you’ll still have those folks you weren’t targeting who discover your content and get into your funnel.

You might look these companies up on LinkedIn and other supplemental data providers like DiscoverOrg and get basic firmographic and technographic details, such as the number of employees and the software they use. Depending on the form they filled out, you can also glean some inferences about their level of interest.

Unfortunately, this approach still leaves your team with a lot of unanswered questions that you traditionally couldn’t answer before talking to the lead.

With Intricately, however, marketing and sales teams can look at how inbound leads use different digital products, including usage and spend. This allows teams to qualify leads like never before by seeing their ability to purchase and propensity to spend without having to talk to them.

See how we helped the Verizon Digital Media Services team qualify leads and increase ACV by 15% within 2 quarters of using Intricately.

How can your marketing team use our data?

We like to say we’re a different kind of data for a different kind of marketer. We’ve spent years building our global sensor network to capture and analyze the cloud, and we work with you to extract the answers to your biggest questions about your customers and competitors.

Let’s see what problems our data can solve for you. Set up a meeting with one of our team members to see how your marketing team can benefit from our data.

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