Market Share Analysis

Leaders use our data to analyze markets, gain a competitive advantage and understand long-term revenue opportunities.

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Analyze Global Markets

Our spend intelligence allows you to understand the needs, value and competitive forces in the cloud market.

Executives use Intricately to gain actionable answers to questions like:

How many US companies have 5% or more of their traffic coming from China?
What is traffic growth by country or region for a given company or set of companies?
Which US companies have data center deployments in Latin America?

Analyze Markets

global markets

Understand Your Competitive Landscape

Whether you’re looking to understand a competitor’s customer mix, the markets they’re expanding into or their rate of growth, our data delivers insight you can act on.

Get a comprehensive view of your competition by monitoring

New customer expansion to see where they’re growing
How and where (region/verticals and more) your competition is expanding
Ways customers are using your competition’s product

Understand Competitors


Monitor Industry Shifts and Trends

We track and analyze the digital footprints of over 7 million companies. By pairing this information with our expert analysis, we can provide the data to answer your biggest questions about cloud growth.

We provide insights into your cloud questions, including:

Which competitor is growing the fastest in LATAM?
Which industry is adopting cloud hosting at the highest rate?
Where is AWS making the biggest investments?

Predict Industry Shifts & Trends

industry shifts

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