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"Cloud Computing Maturity Model. Defines five stages of evolution for an enterprise data center to migrate to cloud computing. The five stages are consolidation, virtualization, automation, utility, and cloud. Consolidation refers to a business beginning to store all of their information systems into a data center such that it is accessible. Virtualization allows the business to scale the data center by building additional systems on physical networks and gaining economies of scale. Automation is the step where all of the configuration and rules needed to manage a data center and a virtual network are written in code and handled with minimal operator intervention, improving economies of scale Once the entire system is automated, the data center simply becomes a Utility and is responsible for offering database services, or customer support application services, etc. This model of operating your business is similar to a Utility Company renting you electricity. Finally, the Cloud offers all of the benefits of Consolidation, Virtualization, Automation, and Utility by partnering with a major provider such as AWS, GCP, or Azure."
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