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Vertical Cloud

Vertical Cloud
"A cloud computing environment optimized for use and built around the compliance needs of specialized industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and government operations. These specialized industries all have different compliance regulations that need to be met, which is why a vertical cloud is often more effective to use than to build a public cloud with thousands of compliance checks built in. Healthcare services need to be HIPAA compliant for example. Vertical clouds will be designed to ensure that any application that is deployed into this vertical cloud will meet HIPAA compliance. This alleviates a major bureaucratic burden and enables healthcare businesses to begin to utilize the power and economies of scale that is the cloud."
The Importance of the Vertical Cloud
The vertical cloud is important for businesses operating in industries that have different levels of compliance. Building an infrastructure within a vertical cloud ensures that compliance is met, and it enables businesses to reduce overhead associated with individual reviews and compliance checks on systems.
in other words
A cloud built to (your) code.
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