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data center adoption tracking

Introducing the
2020 State of Cloud Hosting Report

Discover market trends and leaders in Cloud Hosting for 2020.


2020 APM Market Report

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2020 Cloud Security: DDoS & WAF Report

2020 Trends & Predictions for the Cloud Security: DDos & WAF market

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2019 Data Center, Cloud & Apps
Market Report

What is the preferred hosting strategy for 8M+ businesses? We answer this and more in our newest market report.


2019 State of CDN Market Report

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how-it-workshow intricately gathers cloud spend, usage and adoption data

We Begin by Mapping the Internet

We’ve deployed our network of sensors in over 150 locations around the globe. It maps and monitors the comprehensive digital infrastructure of 11+ million businesses.

How We Map the Internet


Our System Analyzes Products and Applications

To determine which products are being used, we've created a unique product fingerprint database for over 25,000 digital products.

These fingerprints enable our system to identify which products are in use and how those products are being utilized.

Analyzing Products and Applications


Mapping Those Pieces Into
A Company Footprint

You sell to companies – not websites. That’s why we focus on mapping a company’s comprehensive footprint: the applications, websites and networks that make up a company’s digital infrastructure.

Our system is able to provide a detailed view into how digital products are being deployed and consumed by your prospects. This data lets your team identify and prioritize the best opportunities.

Mapping Company Footprints


Cloud Spend You Can Act On

Our entire system is designed to give you a comprehensive look at how a company is consuming and spending on the cloud. We work directly with you to provide the insights that accelerate your marketing and sales motions.

To Produce Spend Intelligence Data

spend intelligence

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