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Understand Data Hosting Providers by getting an insider view into how they utilize and spend on the cloud.

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2019 State of Data Center Hosting

Learn about the latest trends in Data Center hosting, and enterprise hosting preferences.

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Intricately tracks the usage and spend of 110,000 companies that use 2,157 data center hosting products and spend more than $40B annually.

Data Center Hosting
Annual Spend

Examine Trends & Shifts in Data Center Hosting

We’re constantly tracking and analyzing how customers are using their data centers and how data center companies are expanding their business.

We help you discover trends in data center hosting like

How your competition’s customers are using their infrastructure
The rate at which companies (by segment or region) are investing in data centers
Which companies are making changes to their cloud strategies (and what changes they’re making)

Examine Trends & Shifts Across Data Center Hosting

trends and shifts

Analyze Markets

Understand new market opportunities from industries to countries by analyzing usage and spend data from millions of companies that use 2,500+ data center hosting products.

We have market insights data center vendors need, including

Market share and product adoption details
Product usage and configuration by industry, vertical and more
Provider growth rates and customer details

Analyze Markets

market share

Find Buyers With Data Center Needs

Marketing and Sales are no longer simply about generating leads – they’re about identifying and prioritizing revenue opportunities.

Intricately’s spend intelligence gives you insights into over 7 million companies that use cloud products so you can

Create an ideal customer profile based on real accounts
Provide real-time data on your target accounts to align Marketing and Sales
Understand each account’s spend potential and usage

Find Buyers

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