Named Accounts

Named accounts or “target accounts” are a type of owned account that have been hand-selected by a member of the sales team. Named accounts are hand-selected because their potential value has been identified and therefore sought out. Named accounts are often considered Tier 1 or Tier 2 accounts.

In other words...

The kids you choose first to be on your team in P.E. because of their unmistakable batting and in-fielding skills.

What is named account marketing?

Named account marketing is often referred to as account-based marketing. This is because these accounts are highly targeted and require personalized marketing efforts to penetrate them, and nurture them through the entire marketing and sales process.

What is the process for named account marketing?

Named account marketing involves:

  • Display marketing using targeted lists
  • Retargeting based off of pageviews or lists
  • Personalized email marketing (not email blasts)
  • Nurture through thought leadership content
  • Targeted LinkedIn ads
  • Content creation for SEO and distribution
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