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Chrome Extension
The ultimate prospecting companion. See Spend, Technology, and Adoption all in real-time on any website, Salesforce record, or LinkedIn Profile. Guaranteed to accelerate your prospecting, deliver more relevant conversations, and  add dollars to your deals.
Smart Lists
Get recommended companies outside of your existing list - we’re talking about net new! Build your own smart lists, or choose from one of many dynamically generated  lists just for you based on our billions of data points.
Salesforce App
Start leveraging Spend and Growth for lead qualification and never miss a deal again. Our native Salesforce app is a managed  package that deploys into in minutes. It was designed with Admins and Ops in mind (we know your pain!) Customizable beyond imagination, and it looks awfully pretty :)
Market Monitor
Get alerted the moment a customer starts using  a competitor, or even better - be alerted when a prospect is approaching an anniversary date. We’ll keep an eye on your competition so you don’t have to.
Contract Related Events
Get notified when a prospect is making adjustments to their deployment, or  when they’re calling it quits. Projected timelines for how long prospects maintain contracts with their providers. Your rules, our notification engine.
Company Reports
Comprehensive company intel covering technology details, apps, spend, adoption, traffic, and contract related events. Everything you could ever need to ensure you’re talking to the best prospect about the topics that matter to them.

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Hear what our customers have to say:
“Intricately has changed the game for our sales team. We're able to instantly dissect cloud spend intelligence on any prospect, run faster sales cycles, and close more business.”
Jonathan Candee
VP, Commerce Vertical Sales
“Our team relies on Intricately because it provides the most accurate data on what is actually happening in our target market. It's refreshing.”
Ted Tangson
Director, Advanced Analytics
“The spend data completely changed our perspective on how to find and qualify deals. Now we never miss an opportunity, and we consistently find diamonds in the rough!”
Jenn Wilcox
Director, Market Insights & Operations

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