See actionable cloud data right within your workflow

We make Intricately data easily actionable for your sales and marketing teams with our integrations.

Start planning your go-to-market strategy with Intricately’s insights and our easy-to-use features.
Enterprise Salesforce integration

Add Intricately data directly to the
Leads and/or Accounts in your Salesforce

Intricately can directly enrich your CRM with our cloud spend and product data. Enterprise customers can leverage our Salesforce Connector integration to automatically add Intricately data to their leads and accounts.

other integrations
Get bulk access to our data. We partner with Snowflake to provide Enterprise customers access to our data in a queryable data warehouse format.
Retrieve company or domain mapping data via API.
Single Sign-On
If you’re an Enterprise customer, we can work with your Identity Provider to support OpenID Connect or SAML 2.0 SSO.

Our product team would love to hear from you about how to make our data easier to access and use. Let us know if there’s a particular integration you’d be interested in.