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How Lacework Drove 300% Revenue Growth Through A Data-Driven ICP Model With Intricately

How Intricately Fuels Growth at Lacework

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Identifying the highest value prospects that meet the technology requirements for Lacework’s solution
Lacework’s AI-based security solutions protect companies going through a digital transformation while connecting virtually with their customers. To identify the best fit prospects for their solutions, Lacework first needed a better understanding of their cloud infrastructure adoption and usage.
Using Intricately data to build a data-driven Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Lacework has adopted a data-focused approach to their go-to-market program, including an account scoring model integrating Intricately’s cloud product adoption, usage, and spend insights. Lacework’s ideal customer profile (ICP) is powered by cloud consumption data from Intricately.  

Since leveraging Intricately’s data, Lacework’s revenue has grown 300% year-over-year. The average deal size coming from this ICP is 3X larger with a larger lifetime value.
“Our data-driven approach to defining our ICP and account scoring is a differentiator. We've fundamentally changed the way that revenue and sales operations are perceived internally. Since we've adopted the data-driven model, we've grown 300% year-over-year. ”
Palen Schwab
VP of Revenue Operations, Lacework
Aligning marketing and sales teams around the same data 
Building an account scoring model is the first hurdle, but enabling sales and marketing teams to leverage the model is a critical next step. Making complex revenue models actionable for salespeople to understand is crucial for driving alignment.
Empower sales to leverage cloud data and custom messaging to accelerate win rates
Lacework’s data-driven approach has elevated their sales operations managers and marketing operations managers to a strategic level in the organization. Lacework’s sales teams are empowered to close more deals using varied account-based messaging that leverages Intricately insights. A tier one ICP account in the Lacework model has tailored messages for a sales rep to choose from based on their unique cloud footprint attributes, which drives better sales conversations and increased win rates.

The leads coming from Lacework’s data-driven ICP have a shorter sales cycle and larger lifetime value than those outside the defined ICP list.

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Industry - Cloud Security and Compliance

Lacework is the data-driven security platform for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform, powered by Polygraph, automates cloud security at scale so our customers can innovate with speed and safety. Customers all over the globe depend on Lacework to drive revenue, bring products to market faster and safer and consolidate point security solutions into a single platform.
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Our Global Sensor Network actively monitors the adoption, usage, and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the digital infrastructure of more than seven million companies worldwide. 

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Our Global Sensor Network actively monitors the adoption, usage, and spend on 21,000 distinct cloud products and analyzes the digital infrastructure of more than seven million companies worldwide. Learn more here.

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