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Cloud Spend and Usage Data

Marketing leaders define ICP, TAM, and build pipeline with detailed cloud product adoption, usage and spend data for over 7 million businesses around the world, and 21,000+ cloud products.
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Total Addressable Market Planning

Intricately provides marketing teams an unparalleled view into the cloud product adoption, usage, and spend data of potential prospects. Reimagine your TAM using the answers to top questions like:

What are companies spending on content delivery (CDN) services?
Which companies are running on legacy infrastructure and investing in containerization or DevOps?
What are all the companies with GTM deployments that will hit their annual renewal date within the next 90 days?

Market Segmentation Like Never Before


Your Ideal Customer Profile

Instead of waiting for inbound leads, plan your marketing and develop content around converting the best accounts.

Marketers use our data to:

Create ideal customer profiles based on actual cloud usage
Forecast revenue and adoption by  companies who fit the profile
Deliver content based on target accounts, not personas

Predict Inbound Leads


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Intricately brings marketing and sales teams together in lockstep. Leading cloud companies use our intelligence to rethink the entire marketing and sales approach.

To Align Marketing with Sales:

Focus on markets and companies that truly need your product
Identify the targets that have the budget to buy
Create more personalized marketing campaigns and sales outreach

Data-Driven Sales and Marketing Alignment


Insights Trusted By

Insights Trusted By

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