Your Data is Only Scratching the Surface

Intricately goes beyond business data and tech stacks and shows you the true spending potential of your target accounts.

Other providers focus on offline account data like industry, size and revenue.

Intricately goes beneath the surface, offering a glimpse into your account’s spend potential.

Identify which technologies a prospect is using across both SaaS and infrastructure categories.

Contract Insights
Get details on your prospect’s technology contracts — start dates, renewal dates and monthly spend.

See how your target accounts are using competitors to position your brand to win.

Data Center Insights
Find out where prospects are storing data and which providers own the data centers they use.

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Data-Driven Teams Use us for:


Target account planning

See which industries and regions are saturated with prospects that meet your ICP for monthly cloud spend.


relevant lead scores

Dedicate resources to accounts with adequate budgets, expiring contracts with competitors, and a cloud infrastructure that you can support.


market research & analysis

Track investments, deployments, and expansion of competitors and prospects to determine your next move.

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