3good.org.tw Case Study - Cloud Spend & Infrastructure

See how much 3good.org.tw spends on Cloud and Data Center IT Infrastructure. We've built a digital map of their cloud spend, application traffic, product usage, parent/child relationships and more.

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Intricately monitors IT Infrastructure worldwide giving you visibility into IT spend, usage, traffic and an edge on your competition on major companies like 3good.org.tw.

What are 3good.org.tw's subsidiaries?

What is 3good.org.tw's monthly IT spend on cloud?

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See how much 3good.org.tw spends on Cloud Hosting, the products they use, and details on their applications.
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What domains does 3good.org.tw own?

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What applications does 3good.org.tw operate?

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3good.org.tw IT & Cloud Spend

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Cloud Infrastructure Spend



SaaS Software as a Service (SaaS) includes any non-infrastructure related Cloud products.
2 Products
Monthly Spend
See how much 3good.org.tw spends on Saas, the products they use, and the applications they operate.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager
Google APIs
Google APIs

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Wondering How We Got This Information?

We developed a Global Sensor network that monitors the flow of information through internet gateways and tracks changes as they occur. The collected data gives us a comprehensive view of the cloud footprint of millions of companies so we can show you which cloud technology companies are using, how much companies are spending on it, and where it’s deployed.
North America
3 Countries
2.4M Companies
$78B Monthly Spend
13 Countries
1.4M Companies
$24B Monthly Spend
Latin America
23 Countries
496K Companies
$6B Monthly Spend
Europe, Middle-East, Africa
67 Countries
2.4M Companies
$51B Monthly Spend

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