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Revenue Isn’t the Whole Picture: Cloud-Native Metrics in a Cloud-Centric World [Webinar Recap]

Cloud-native metrics give sales and marketing teams a granular view into how target accounts are using and expanding their cloud environment. Intricately recently partnered with the International Data Corporation (IDC) to combine their qualitative market research with the usage metrics that Intricately provides.

Limelight Networks’ Aaron Lockhart Shares His Playbook For Success, Plus Advice And Predictions For SOPS Leaders

Aaron Lockhart of Limelight sat down with the Intricately team to share the role that data plays in his team’s efforts for prospecting and prioritization, and the strategies he uses to empower his sales teams to be successful.‍

Intricately Raises $4 Million Series A Led By Counterpart Ventures

Intricately has announced a $4 million Series A financing round led by Counterpart Ventures, with participation from previous investors Bloomberg Beta, Singtel Innov8, and Susa Ventures.